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Healthy Malden's Substance Abuse Task Force

Healthy Malden

Substance Abuse Task Force – a collaboration of school personnel, law enforcement, social service agencies and community groups who work to prevent and reduce substance abuse in the city of Malden.

The Substance Abuse Task Force has been responsible for the SADD program at Malden High School, parenting programs done in schools and around the community, a monthly cable show on MATV on various topics for parents, Sticker Shock and Shoulder Tap programs with the Police Department and have done compliance checks on local stores who sell cigarettes.

Contact us to find out when our next monthly meeting is being held and get involved!

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Malden Restaurants And Healthy Malden Team Up For Designated Driver Program

Healthy Malden

Free Soda for Designated Drivers!

MALDEN—Healthy Malden’s Substance Abuse Task Force and several area restaurants have stepped up to create a new designated driver program. While out with friends, any diner who declares that they are the designated driver will receive free sodas for the duration of the meal.

“We felt it was important to tie the work we do in schools against driving while drinking with the community at large. Students need to see the adults recognize the consequences of destructive decisions as well,” said Peg Crowe, chair of the Substance Abuse Task Force.

Featured restaurants are Massimo's Ristorante, All Seasons Table, The Dockside, Exchange Street Bistro, Hugh O'Neills Irish Pub, Ristorante Serena's, and the 621 Tavern and Grill.

Hugh O'Neill's Irish Pub and Restaurant and the Exchange Street Bistro

Massimo Ristorante and All Seasons Restaurant

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Healthy Malden

Healthy Malden Program Director Recognized for Contributions to Youth Substance Abuse Prevention: See Video of Ceremony below!

Jan Mannone receives 2008 Nathaniel Hakim Askia Award

Malden, MA (June 30, 2008) – Healthy Malden Program Director Jan Mannone was honored Friday, June 27th with the Nathaniel Hakim Askia Lifetime Achievement Award during a ceremony at the Malden Public Library in Malden, sponsored by the National Library of Addictions (NLA). NLA Founder and President Dr. P.S. Kishore, along with State Representatives Kay Khan, Elizabeth Malia, and Christopher Fallon, Malden City Council Member Neal Anderson and Healthy Malden Executive Director Kevin Duffy presented this award which recognizes individuals who dedicate their work and lives to helping people with addictions to drugs and alcohol.

The Nathaniel Hakim Askia Award is named after a man who recovered from heroin addiction in the 1960s and subsequently founded the FIRST Academy, a therapeutic community for recovering addicts in Roxbury. Askia was among the first people to address addictions as a community-based issue.

Mannone is regarded as one of the area’s strongest advocates for youth substance abuse prevention and treatment. Upon joining Healthy Malden a decade ago, she began work with parents and teachers on the Malden School-Linked Services Program. Through her work alongside the school system, she taught parents and teachers about the warning signs of substance abuse and where to seek help to prevent and treat the drug problems facing the community’s youth.

After completing her work with the Malden School-Linked Services Program, Jan began working with local town officials and parents to implement substance abuse prevention programs within the city. As Program Director, Mannone has organized various programs aimed to raise awareness about the local drug problem among the city’s youth. This year she helped create “Project 7th Grade” - a program in which she meets locally with parents and the Malden police department to discuss the best forms of communicating with children about the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse.

“At Healthy Malden we’ve worked for many years with the local schools and city leaders to bring awareness to the substance abuse problem that faces our community,” said Mannone. “Through our involvement with organizations such as the YMCA, YWCA and the local police department we’ve initiated programs that reach out to children in the area to really make them think about the harmful effects of drug and alcohol abuse.”

Mannone also assists Healthy Malden in spreading the message of substance abuse prevention and treatment over the airwaves. Healthy Malden produces a monthly program, “Healthy Malden Matters”, locally on Malden Access TV, Channel 3. In addition, Mannone has worked to produce two informational videos through Healthy Malden which teach parents about the harmful effects of substance abuse and how they can prevent their children from succumbing to use.

Founded in 1993 by Dr. P.S. Kishore, the National Library of Addiction is a not-for-profit, intellectual gathering place for health care professionals and community members who are working to overcome the effects of addictions. The Library serves as a research facility, continuing medical educational institute, and place for professionals to exchange ideas and develop treatment methodologies. For additional information call the National Library of Addictions at (617) 738-8899.